Charcoal Valuation Technical Order and Draft Charcoal Licensing Guidelines Workshop

Charcoal Valuation Technical Order and Draft Charcoal Licensing Guidelines Workshop
The overall objective of the workshop was to finalize the Charcoal Valuation Technical Order and to review the Draft Charcoal Licensing Guidelines.

The Technical Order aims at providing a single, standard tool for the valuation of ‘charcoal’ as a forest product as defined in Section 2 of the Forestry Amendment Act of 2020.

In his notes, Mr. Ramzy Kanaan said the tool provides a single standard valuation for use nationally that is clear, evidence-based and that better reflects the “conservation/ecological value” of indigenous trees and forests, which can be applied consistently in regulation and enforcement across the country, to better deter further deforestation and forest degradation.

In concurrent with Ramzy, the Deputy Director of Forestry Mr. Ted Kamoto said the tool offers guidance to be used in official Government of Malawi assessments and reports on the value of charcoal, including the localized and downstream impacts of charcoal-led deforestation and forest degradation. “This charcoal valuation is developed to better complement Government’s efforts to address the growing problem of charcoal-led deforestation and forest degradation,” said Kamoto.

In her remarks, the Director of Forestry Ms. Stella Funsani Gama expressed gratitude towards MCHF Management team for the technical support on Charcoal distinguishing it as a proactive way of promoting energy-efficient cooking technologies in the country.
“The tool intends to help the Government challenge the low and inconsistent valuation of charcoal which has been a critical impediment to deterring the illegal charcoal trade,” said Gama.

The information contained within the Technical Order is relevant to Department of Forestry personnel and others involved in the regulation, enforcement and adjudication of forest crimes including the Malawi Police Service investigators and prosecutors, public prosecutors, magistrates and justices.