Our Mandate

To ensure sustainable development, conservation and utilisation of forestry resources for socio-economic growth and development of Malawi.

Our Vision

To become a dynamic, high-performing, consultative and client-focused authority which promotes, builds and ensures sustainable development, utilisation, protection and management of forests to reduce poverty.

Our Mission

To guide, plan, coordinate, facilitate and promote active participation of all stakeholders in the sustainable development and utilisation of forest resources, goods and services for socio-economic development.

Guiding Principles

  • Sustainability
  • Social Inclusion
  • Quality
  • Partnership
  • Integration

Strategic Objectives

  1. Provide an enabling framework for promoting the participation of local communities, civil society and the private sector in forest conservation and management
  2. Promote the establishment of forestry-based small and medium scale industries
  3. Promote the growing of trees by communities in order to achieve sustainable, self-sufficiency of wood and forest products and services
  4. Promote the sustainable management of forests for protection of the environment, conservation of biodiversity and climate change management
  5. Promote the development of initiatives for adequate and sustainable short-, medium- and long-term financing mechanisms for the forestry sector and its contribution to the country's gross domestic product (GDP)
  6. Enhance the development of realistic human resources commensurate with the implementation of the National Forest Policy
  7. Promote the sustained management and utilisation of forest resources based on research findings and recommendations
  8. Promote a well-regulated, compliant and monitored forestry sector with clearly defined forest standards and guidelines
  9. Enhance cooperation in forestry-related issues at national, regional and international levels to maximize resources and information flows into the forestry sector