Dzalanyama Forest Reserve

Formally known as Angonia Heritage Game Reserve, the Dzalanyama Forest Reserve is located 40 kilometres away from Lilongwe. Dzalanyama stretches across an area of 989.3 square kilometres and covers parts of Lilongwe, Dedza and Mchinji Districts. This reserve is characterized by a range of steep-sided hills. The reserve was gazette in 1922 with the aim to protect the forest's ecosystem and Lilongwe's catchment.  Most of the reserve is covered with typical Brachystegia woodlands with wide grassy areas, ferns and epiphytic orchids. Dzalanyama is also an important habitat for ‘Miombo’ birdlife with rare species like Stierling’s Woodpecker, Olive-Headed Weaver, and Boulder Chat. At the heart of the reserve is Dzalanyama Forest Lodge which is a destination for tourists who go for bird-watching, trekking, mountain climbing and swimming in the beautiful natural pools and streams found in the reserve.

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