DoF warns Illegal forest produce transporters

The Department of Forestry warns the General Public that since the last warning, around ten private motor vehicles have bee been seized and forfeited to Government.

The Department of Forestry, therefore, wishes to warn the general public once again, that transporting forest produce without permit and relevant documentation from the Department of Forestry is illegal, and according to the Forest Amendment Act, motor vehicles that are involved will be impounded and forfeited to Government.

The Department of Forestry would like to particularly warn the owners of the following vehicles, which have recently been seen in various places, transporting illegal charcoal and firewood.

Vehicle Registration Number
BU6902; BW3949; CP6050; MH8555; MN6123; MN8474
BJ1686; BLK5625; BM5690; BN1146; BN3586; BN6690; BN8066; BU8655; BV2656; BW1536; BX1450; BX1470; BX1500; BX1655
Lilongwe Area 36
BLK5625; BM5690; BN1146; BN3586; BN6690; BN8966; BU8655; BV2656; BW; BX1450; BX1450; BX1500; BX1655; BX1940; BX3390; BX4559; 9545; CA539
Lilongwe Area 36
LL1169; CK1197; CK2158; CZ1635; DA1190; DA1415; DA1420; DA1611; DA1770; DA1777; DA2280; DA3637; DA4255; DA4431; DA4978; DA8931; DA1116
Lilongwe Area 36
DZ1156; DZ1279; DZ1636; DZ4217; DZ4742; DZ6685; DZ8278; DZ8740; KU6046; KU6089; KU9551; MH9455; MH1677; MH5965; MN1130; MN3551; MN4783
Lilongwe Area 36
MN5690; MZ1170; NN8725; NU2289; NU7096; RU5014' ZA1098; BY4579; CA2299;   RU5820;
Lilongwe Area 36
Lilongwe Kauma
CA2296; DA504
Lilongwe Mgona
LL1780; NA3474; NB346
MN6304; NS4418; RU5829
BW2660; KK572

The owners of the listed vehicles are seriously advised to contact the Department of Forestry on 0999382999 or 0999943635, for more details.